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Daniel Schwertführer

Chief Executive Officer, expert in performance and database design, specialising in computer science; knowledge of more than 20 years in .Net, C++, Java and scripting, with current architectures. Strong focus on publishing, AI integration, Big Data topics and web-based approaches to unstructured content classification and media-neutral storage and semantics.

Janusch Koza

Chief Information Officer, expert in object-oriented databases in server architectures and in network issues, AI integration, MFA integration, Docker and monitoring. As well as in solving performance problems. Unstoppable developer in .Net and C++ - and with additional experience in Java, PHP and cross-platform development, including mobile app development (e.g. IOS).


We turn ideas into projects, visions into products, and experiences to success!

Technical skills

Whether from Java to C #, from small to large databases, or on premise or in the cloud, we understand our craft.

Agile development

Our solutions are tailored to your project; we plan, analyse requirements, design, code, test and document.


Our team uses the latest computer knowledge to develop and implement effective and modern solutions.


Our entire process is designed to turn your visions into software. In-depth knowledge of the industry, diverse training of our employees, specialists ranging from interface design and business layers to databases ensure a convincing implementation of your business models.


Our project management gives you access to all aspects of your project, from definition to delivery and invoicing. Project progress control, project documentation, requirements and open questions.


About us

We are a long-standing team of approx. 10 software experts with different specialisations, both professional and technical. Our office is in Nuremberg, but we are active throughout Germany and Europe.

We master the complete process, from the idea to the installed product on almost any target system. We specialise in web services and web applications and primarily use a combination of .net for server development and Angular for the user interface. In addition, we are experts in creating WPF and WinForms applications and have developed several apps.

We create customer-specific software and provide project-based support for our customers.

Special Skills

Databases SQL / No SQL

A large part of our experience is based on database projects. Our spectrum ranges from small databases to central systems, from transactional storage to search clusters to DWHs. Successful Oracle projects as well as OO projects round off our database orientation.

Webservices, ASP.core, Angular, Bootstrap and direct HTML programming are our daily business. We have experience not only in development, but also in migration and integration into web services.

Authentication systems

In-depth knowledge of the integration of various authentication mechanisms such as LDAP, OKTA, AD/ADFS/SAML2 etc. in client architectures.

Artificial Intelligence Integration

Currently heavily focused on ChatGPT and transferring experience to Bard and LLaMA 2. Alongside this, hosting open-source models (Hugging Face) and comparing performance. Deep experience with prompting and verification of AI generated results, and knowledge of the limitations of current AI models.

Deploy, Docker & SAAS

We use a CI/CD pipeline with Gitlab Runner, Jenkins or Team City for product development and deployments. Ansible is used for RHEL and Debian deployments. Docker deploys are done via the build pipeline and are client or Ansible driven. We support SAAS in our product development.

Testing / Automation

From unit testing to integration testing, we can prove the quality of a software iteration.

Project Management

Outsourcing & Legacy System Maintenance

Consulting services


Scaling & Performance



Hosting & Monitoring

Authentication & Security

  • Publishing
  • Media & Communication
  • Logistics
  • Industry
  • Wholesale and Retail Trade
  • Software Companies
The tool is a news hub especially for publishers and media houses. BRIXWIRE collects stories and assets from various sources (e.g. press agencies, CMS, planning, and editorial systems), transforms the content, and integrates it, ready to publish, into target systems like CMS, editorial, or DAM systems.
Special Skills

Success Stories

Learn how we have helped our customers achieve their objectives with our software solutions.

Logistics: Outsourcing of individual software.

Talk to us about your outsourcing issues.

Ticket vending machines: Support in your team.

Contact us if you need external competence and manpower for your team.

Museum and exhibition: Your idea - our implementation.

Talk to us if you want to achieve your goal, even if the way is not clear to the last detail.

Product development: from the idea to the support.

Benefit from our know-how and contact us with your idea.

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based in Nuremberg, Germany

+25 years of experience

Multilingual international team

+300 developed projects

With knowledge in +10 programming languages and an infinite number of technologies

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